Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Form study of a wireless house phone in 3/4 front and back view. 
Going to use this as a base to turn into a spaceship as an exercise in form building and design.

Airplane study to understand the major parts of a plane. Surprisingly fun, will try and do more of these types of studies

Spaceships sketches building upon the form study in the first image.When starting these sketches I struggled on how to design interesting looking spaceships, it wasn't until I did the above study of airplane parts that I started to become a little more comfortable. However it was still a challenge to come up with interesting forms and shapes. I definitely screwed up a number of times an had to restart from scratch as I was using a ballpoint pen to draw. As usual need to be more conscious of my linework as well.

Studies after Doug Chiang from his book - Mechanika. Great book with lots of amazing designs with step-by-step instructions. Not exactly very beginner friendly though, as a lot of the techniques inside require some experience in perspective and careful draftsmanship using markers and pens (which I so sorely lack). 

What I'm trying to do here is to study along with the tutorials in the book as closely as I can, and then trying to redesign something similar from imagination. The idea is to improve my draftsmanship (so far not so good, keep losing patience) and also to study his design/form language and see how I can incorporate it into my own works.

Study --- > Redesign

Saturday, April 05, 2014


  More freehand ID sketching practice. Finally made it through Scott Robertson's perspective form drawing tutorial without giving up halfway (usually out of boredom and frustration). Lot's of repetition and trial and error but I'm finally getting the hang of how to construct forms accurately. Of course, my draftsmanship could still use a lot of improvement - but that's what practice is for!

  Also practicing planar forms - or more specifically, faceted and bending planar forms. Turned out to be much tougher than I expected - I kept confusing myself and made tons of mistakes before I finally understood how to construct the forms accurately and efficiently. One helpful trick is to first find the correct "points in space" and then connecting the points with linework after.