Monday, May 12, 2014

[114] Stonefang Valley

Painting to apply what I learned from my previous landscape studies. Slightly inspired by Shadow of the Colossus

Also, some steps!

Friday, May 09, 2014

113 - Digital Painting: Landscape Studies

Landscape studies from photographs. Wanted to practice to Shaddy Safadi's (amazing) youtube tutorials on landscape painting. The first study didn't come out too well (I wasn't able to properly control my brushwork and ended making a mess of the textures and forms on the mountain), but I think the subsequent studies came out nicely once I got the hang of it.

  Some steps! Trying to distill what I learnt from the tutorial.
1 - Analyze the reference, study the image and figure out how to simplify the shapes.
2 - Blocking out and separating the major shapes, focusing on composition and "flow"
3 - Painting the inner shapes, separating areas of light and shadow and/or different materials.
4 - Colour underpainting. using complementary or exaggerated local colours as a base.
5 - Painting and rendering, focusing on choosing more accurate colours and communicating the forms.
6 - Continue refining, focus on unifying the image as a whole.

Sunday, May 04, 2014


Godzilla fan art!


Another Doug Chiang study.  Feel like I still lack the proper drawing technique in order to fully understand and learn from his works. Will be going back to the basics (yet again) to improve my line control and confidence.

Some cockpits from imagination after studying Doug's design. The first one was too similar to the study so I did a second one with a slightly different form language (more squarish and blocky).

Quick digital render of the second cockpit. I was originally supposed to use markers but I didn't want to ruin the drawing so I decided to scan it and do it digitally instead. The rendering is definitely an important step for these type of drawings especially since the line art was a rather detailed and "busy"? Adding values helps to re-establish the forms.