Friday, March 28, 2014


More ID sketching practice, followed by perspective and section drawing studies. Slowly trying to internalize as much of the information and technique as possible through repetition. Key points to focus on: line accuracy, line quality, tangency issues and proportion (creating pleasing 3D forms).

And a couple of sketchbook pages. Really loose and scribbly - mostly just messing around and trying to come up with interesting designs as opposed to focusing on cleanliness (or that could be just another excuse for laziness).  Also, it's time to get  a new sketchbook!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


My cyberpunk inspired entry for DeviantArt's Lightning Returns contest done back in late February!

More freehand ID sketching practice. Still sticking to the basics: simple cubic forms, section drawing and rounds.
Going to keep practicing drawing planar forms until I can get it right consistently.

Even more messy sketches. Trying to come up with interesting shapes and designs through really loose scribbling (not exactly very successful, though). I have many important elements I would like to incorporate in my sketches - mainly more form rendering, cast shadows and expressive linework. Design-wise I think my proportions need a ton more work as well.

Sunday, March 09, 2014


Been awhile since the last update (I missed the whole month of February!) Just gonna post up some older stuff I got lying around.

Completed this back in early February.

Studying how ellipses work in perspective and trying to practice how to draw them freehand. I've got stacks of scrap paper filled with random circles and lines I have to get rid of now.

Portraits from life - done during OIC's Portraits after Dark event back in February. Still really clumsy in drawing heads from life.

And more silly sketches. It seems I'm getting messier and messier in my sketching. Probably have to work on that.